Easy Brie, Fig, Brioche Appetizer for Entertaining: Fool Friends into thinking you’re Fancy! (Trader Joe’s)

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone enjoyed Independence Day Holiday last week!

So keeping on the summer roll on the blog, I keep coming back to entertaining. And I know I’ve been talking a lot about food for the summer, but that’s mostly because food is one of those things that brings people together. Everyone gathered around the dinner table, drink in hand, and it allows an openness into jokes and cheerful conversation.

There’s nothing like whipping up and bringing a dish to share. It works as an ice breaker too! Wheather folks as you how you made/what’s in the dish orΒ if you have a funny story as to why the dish looks like a hot mess. It’s a good way to share and have a good time.
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Summer Food: Oven Baked Chili Cheese Frito Dogs

Hello everyone!
I’m back after I took my birthday week off last week, and took an all ladies camping trip this past weekend! I am so excited to turn 28 and am ready for everything this next year of my life will bring! I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my life. I have plans and ideas for what I want to achieve, and goals I am working towards to make realities! I’m pretty happy at where I am at, even though sometimes I have no clue on how to get where I want my life to go, but the balls are rolling!
Sending out positive vibes into the universe πŸ™‚

I’m still on this summer kick, and since 4th of July is less than a week away, I thought I’d share with you, yet another, tasty recipe!

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Summer Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Flatbread)

Hello beautiful people!
Summer time on my mind, and to me summer is having great food, awesome beer, and surrounded by amazing people. Last week I shared my Summer Bucket List with you guys, good food is just an overall goal, but especially in summer. Summer food is the best, isn’t it? Cook outs and get togethers. Tasty grub and cold beer always seem to bring folks together. With that thought in mind, we have been making some deliciousness at home.Β  Continue reading

Summer Bucket List 2017!

Hello. It’s me.
No, not Adele. Just me. Brenda! So summer is upon us! I know technically it’s not officially summer until June 21 (one day after my birthday!), but who are we kidding? Kids are out of school and the weather is hot. Birds are singing, grass is green, flowers are in full bloom, SUMMER! And now that the weather has been consistently nice, I have Summer Bucket list goals on my mind.

Do you guys remember last years Summer Bucket List? I hit most of the things on my list and there were also some that got away….I will try to do better this year! Also I’m going to share the list here FIRST and let you know how it went at the end of summer! I’m hoping this way I can try a little harder and hold myself accountable πŸ˜‰

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Summer Food: Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork with Hubby takes over the Blog!

Hey Hey Hey it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!
The blog post where the husband takes over! ME! As you all know this past weekend was Memorial Day and that means everyone who has served in the military gets a huge shout out for their sacrifices and courage for making this country great! It also means everyone was eating & drinking a lot. Wifey & I love food so here is a easy recipe that isn’t much work but takes a long time (in the crock pot). Set it and Forget it style, here we go!

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THINX Panties Review: Let’s Talk Periods

Hey y’all!
We are talking about periods on the blog today so if you’re a dude or it makes you uncomfortable and you just want to pretend periods don’t exist, then feel to skip this post πŸ™‚
I’m not going to pressure you into reading this if you just come here for the recipe posts, haha but periods are a real thing that most women have to deal with. That’s almost half the world’s population. HALF! So yes we get periods, it’s not a big deal. We shouldn’t be shamed into not talking about them.

Also this is NOT a sponsored post.
My blog isn’t that cool yet.

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