Stuffed Loaf: The Perfect Picnic Food

Hello wonderful readers!
The end of summer is here and the weather is getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean picnic season is over. In fact, autumn fall weather is the best time for picnics, in my opinion! You guys know I love picnics, as I talked about it a little on my Summer Bucket List last week.  In summer I want cookouts and grilled food, refreshing beverages and watermelon; but in the fall I want picnics, watching the leaves change color, and getting cozy sharing a flannel blanket! The temperature dips is the perfect time to get close and comfy with your loved one 😉

Of course the standard picnic basket food is sandwiches! But….let’s be honest sandwiches aren’t romantic. What if they had a more rustic French or Italian vibe to them? That definitely sets more of the intimate tone you want. But how to fancify a sandwich? Make it a stuffed loaf!

*this isn’t really a recipe, more of a guide*

You want to pick your desired loaf, I picked up an artisan style sourdough at the bakery. Or if you want to get really crazy, make your own! Take your loaf and hollow it out. I saved the bread insides and had them the next day, toasted with butter and jam.
Get some sandwich fixin’s. I worked with what I already had at home! Cheese, spring greens mix, red onion, tomatoes, pickles, ham, and turkey. Mayo and deli mustard for condiments.
Layer your fixin’s into the bread. I did condiments first, then turkey, cheese, ham, greens, onions, tomatoes, and pickles.

Add the top of the loaf and secure with kitchen twine, wrap the sandwich in butchers paper or parchment (for that rustic look) and secure with more kitchen twine.
I pre-sliced mine (good for sharing!), before wrapping it in the paper.
Mmmmmmm….it was as tasty as it looks.

Take on your picnic and enjoy! Don’t forget the wine ;D
It’s good for a romantic picnic with your love or just a fancy sandwich to share with friends or everyone can make they’re own stuffed loaf with their favorite fixin’s!

Easy and my new go-to for picnics!


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