Wine and Cheese Pairing: A Tasting Party

Hi lovely readers!
Last month I did a quick and easy entertaining post, that involved delicious cheese! Well it seemed like you guys were big fans of it because I got a lot of positive responses to it! Your feedback and post ideas are a HUGE help to me!!! Honestly sometimes I get stuck and I have no clue what kind of content resonates with you guys, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from you! No comment or idea is too small to share ❤
So, thank you!

Through your response I have learned that everyone loves entertaining! And we all want to impress, whether you are hosting or whether you are a guest. You want to make a great impression that leaves people thinking you are fancy 😉

If you know me (and follow me on Instagram), you know I love beer, wine, and food!!! I even did a beer post last week! So when the opportunity arose to help with my friends Bride-Send-Off party, I had to throw an idea out there!

And what better way to show off awesome classiness, than by hosting a Wine and Cheese Party!
The thing that I love the most is that it’s very flexible! You can provide all the cheeses and have different people bring specific types wines to go with those cheeses. You can provide all the wines and people bring specific types of cheese to go with those wines. You can have everyone in charge of one wine and cheese pairing and bring that. You can mix it up a ton of different ways! Any way you do it, you end up with wine and cheese, no one can hate on that!

The brand or price of wine doesn’t matter, it just has to be a certain type (Pinot Noir, Riesling, etc.) So it’s very fun to see what brands or quality of wine people end up choosing! Personally, I like to stick in the $15-20 per bottle range, and I love many of the Coppola wines! Nothing makes me happier than drinking some tasty wines with friends who love tasty wines!

Here are some very simple, easy Wine and Cheese Pairings for your Tasting Party:


*shown left to right
Pinot Noir (Red) with Gouda
Riesling (White) with Brie


*shown left to right
Sauvignon Blanc (White) with Gruyere
Cabernet Sauvignon 
(Red) with Blue

We also had a Zinfandel (Red) that came in after photos, so not pictured, with Aged White Cheddar. *center

We went with 3 Reds and 2 Whites, because the Bride to Be is more inclined on Reds 🙂 ,but it was nice having a mix of the two! You can do an all White wine pairing or an all Red one! Customize it to you! I use Pinterest to get ideas of good wine and cheese pairings! I even made little “try me with this wine” signs!

It’s a great fun way to try different types of wines and cheeses! And when you can laugh and chat with friends about it, even better! It’s fun to giggle about how this red wine brings out the nuttiness of the cheese.


Here’s some other things that are great with Wine and Cheeses!

French Bread
Fig Spread (WITH THE BRIE!!!)
Gourmet Deli Meats

Trader Joe’s has these really good gourmet deli meats by Daniele! They have a Spanish Meat Selection that includes Prosciutto, Chorizo, and Salchichon, but any cured deli meat will hit the spot, Salame, Pancetta, Sopressata, etc. Even a sliced up Summer Sausage will do the trick! We also had cupcakes and chips and salsa, because why not! Never say no to delicious party food!


Quick and easy wine and cheese pairings make for a classy fun tasting party! And it allows everyone to contribute a little, which makes it fun for everyone involved!

What’s your favorite wine and cheese combo?


**And don’t forget, if you have anything you’d like to see a post on, let me know!!!**

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