Reluctantly Adulting is back and….Kevin and Brenda are having a baby!

Guess who’s back? Back again.
Brenda’s back. Tell a friend!

Hellooo lovely folks!
It has been a long while since I’ve written a blog post, and let me tell you why. I’m having a baby! I’m currently 25 weeks (5 1/2 month) along and the reason why I took a break from blogging is because pregnancy has been hard for me.


How we told close friends who live far.

I suppose a little background is in order. Hubby and I decided at the end on 2016 that we wanted to try for a baby at the end of summer 2017. So I kept track of my menstrual cycle and figured out when I ovulated from the beginning of 2017. Mid June I stopped my birth control (pill), we used back up protection the rest of June and all of July. Come August we were officially “trying” (we tried more regularly on the 3 days before and after ovulation) and WE GOT PREGNANT!
Yup! We knew by mid September when I peed on “the” stick. It happened fast and easy for us. People hate us.
BUUUUT…’s pretty much been rough from the start.
I had some bleeding the first few weeks and it was very worry some, turns out I had an infection due to bacteria that changes once you get pregnant. I threw up almost every day up until a couple weeks ago. Which meant low weight gain. Nausea was pretty bad for the whole first trimester and I still get episodes once in a while. Indigestion sucks. But baby has been doing great the whole time! Plus the fatigue. I spent so much time just feeling exhausted for the first trimester and most of the second. I just wanted to rest and do nothing all the time.
Everyone says it was normal and to rest take it easy but I feel like I got NOTHING done!
A baby takes alot of time and preparation.


Average maternity look for me: leggings/jegging, long top, and oversize sweater.

Finally I’ve gotten a boost of energy and other symptoms have eased up, and I get to feel baby move all the time now 🙂
Now I’m in overdrive trying to get SO. MUCH. DONE.
It’s February 1st already! Baby will be here in May!
MAY guys!
That’s only 3 months away!
January has been the first true productive month for us. We have been cleaning and purging our small apartment. Yes, we decided that baby will be fine here in our 1 bedroom abode.It’s been quite the undertaking. But using some mind power and rearranging, to make a happy home for two adults, one 45lb dog, and soon to come baby. It’s all exciting and scary at the same time!

Typical us: Trying to get a cute 20 week New Year’s Eve pic. The halfway point of pregnancy.

So many things have been happening, and I’m excited to share with you guys all the changes and updates! I probably will be posting less frequently because things are just going to get a little hectic from now on!


On the docket this month:

*Finish purging/organizing the aprtment
*Setting up a registry
*Starting on the baby “nook”


Thank you for following along!
And as always; if you have any questions or comments and advice,
I love to hear from you!



We first announced the pregnancy on Halloween (2017)

Stuffed Loaf: The Perfect Picnic Food

Hello wonderful readers!
The end of summer is here and the weather is getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean picnic season is over. In fact, autumn fall weather is the best time for picnics, in my opinion! You guys know I love picnics, as I talked about it a little on my Summer Bucket List last week.  In summer I want cookouts and grilled food, refreshing beverages and watermelon; but in the fall I want picnics, watching the leaves change color, and getting cozy sharing a flannel blanket! The temperature dips is the perfect time to get close and comfy with your loved one 😉

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Summer Bucket List 2017: REVISITED

Hello Hello!
“The time has come.” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things”
Guuuuuyyyys….one more day and August is over. September is right around the corner! Literally.
Where did summer go??
I know, technically, it’s summer until September 21st, but with school back in session and temperatures cooling down, it does feel like the unofficial end of summer. Summers are always a little busy for us, family, travel, friends, activities, weddings. It’s great living in a city where there’s a lot going on, and family and friends who are willing to hang out or do fun things! Speaking of fun things, let’s reflect back on my Summer Bucket List, I wrote at the beginning of summer (June 7th) and see how much I was able to cross off this year!

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Wine and Cheese Pairing: A Tasting Party

Hi lovely readers!
Last month I did a quick and easy entertaining post, that involved delicious cheese! Well it seemed like you guys were big fans of it because I got a lot of positive responses to it! Your feedback and post ideas are a HUGE help to me!!! Honestly sometimes I get stuck and I have no clue what kind of content resonates with you guys, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from you! No comment or idea is too small to share ❤
So, thank you!

Through your response I have learned that everyone loves entertaining! And we all want to impress, whether you are hosting or whether you are a guest. You want to make a great impression that leaves people thinking you are fancy 😉

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Evanston’s Craft Breweries: A tour of my favorite local beers

Hey folks!
Been working on my summer bucket list, and one of the goals on there was Exploring my city (Evanston)! I’ve been working on it but there is a ton of hidden gems in this little town that it may need a post of it’s own! I really love this place! And one of the things that Evanston prides itself on, is local business. There are SO many independent shops, restaurants, breweries, and a lot more, around! Everything seems more unique in this town, and it definitely has a cozy, self love feeling, I’ve never experienced anywhere else. It truly feels like “home” for me!

AND if you know anything about me…..
you know I like me some beer!

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Summer Food: Healthy Low Carb Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) Baked Shrimp Scampi

Hello wonderful readers!!!
It has been a while! So I’ve been having a wild and crazy ride this summer and I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys in foooooorever! It’s been 2 weeks!

First let me tell you guys that I had a pretty bad bicycle accident (as shared on my Instagram), where I got scraped up pretty good. I’m STILL healing from it. My left leg was in pretty bad shape, my right leg had a huge bruise, and my body was hurting all over for a few days afterward. That same week was our crazy huge busy, sidewalk sale at work so I was working some LOOOONG days, with a lot of carrying and lifting of heavy stuff. Then the next week, I strained my leg muscle so bad during softball. I couldn’t walk for at least 2 days, I cried so much. It hurt bad. It still feels not at 100 % but I am making it happen.
With all that going on in life, and it all just piling up at once, I’ve just been trying to rest up and take it easy. But I miss you guys 😦

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