Summer Bucket List 2016!

Hi guys!

With Fall just around the corner I got to thinking of my summer bucket list and which items were achieved and which I didn’t quite get around to. This summer has been pretty busy for me, both at work and in my personal life. I remember one of the best things about being a kid was summer vacation! As adults we don’t get a 3 month break from life but that doesn’t mean you can take some time off and pack in some fun!

Kevin and I are lucky to live within a train ride or a short drive from Chicago, there’s always a ton of fun stuff going on. Even here in Evanston we always have fantastic options. So this summer I thought I’d make a bucket list of all the stuff I wanted to do!

I didn’t get to do everything….but there’s always next year!

I love me some cookout food. We had plenty of those this summer, with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. I was having too much fun to take many picture. That’s how good they were. Check!


-See a Concert/Live Music
We got SO lucky that there were a ton of people/bands playing that we wanted to see (for a reasonable amount) this summer! We saw Meatloaf, Lord Huron, Lone Bellow, Kongos, and Matthew Sweet.


-Read a book
I’ve always had a passion for reading, and as I’ve gotten older and life has gotten busier, I find it harder to find the time. But somehow I always do because it is something I really enjoy and I am so lucky my husband likes to read too! We love to have lazy weekend mornings to spend reading a couple hours. This summer I read Girl on the Train, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Devil in the White City.


-Go to the movies/Drive-In
We have not been able to hit up a Drive-In this summer 😥 But we have gone to catch some flicks! Movies I enjoyed at the theater Zootopia, Midnight Special, Nice Guys, Secret, Life of Pets, Suicide Squad and even the original Planet of the Apes (so awesome on the big screen)

-Food/Beer Festival
Like I’ve said, I love me some good food. And with all these delicious food festivals in Evanston and Chicago, we definitely had good eats. We went to Sausage Fest, Taste of Chicago, and Evanston Food Truck Festival. Plus a local Chicago brewery tour!


-See a play or performance
We went to a White Sox game! I count that as a sporting performance! I am not a baseball fan (HOCKEY!!) but it’s fun to go see a live sport! We also ate alot there….mmm fooooddd!


-Go to beach/hike/be one with nature
I am really sad to say we only went to the beach ONCE this year, for the 4th of July fireworks…..I know I know we literally can walk to it. But it was just sooo humid this summer and both Kevin and I do not do good in humidity. However we did get to go canoeing! That was really fun and we even got to include our dog Lafayette.


-Do/Make something creative
As you know, I participated in my very first Arts and Crafts Fair this summer, where I turned beer/glass bottles into candles. That was my big craft project, but I also made watercolor cards.


But of course there were things on my list that didn’t happen.
-Firepit/Campfire HUMIDITY!
-Mini day trip/vacation somewhere new
-Go to a museum
-See sunset/sunrise or star gaze
We try to see the Perseid Meteor shower every year but it was too foggy this time

Overall it was a great summer!
What amazing things did you get to do this summer? What would be on your Summer Bucket list for next year?


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