Summer Bucket List 2017!

Hello. It’s me.
No, not Adele. Just me. Brenda! So summer is upon us! I know technically it’s not officially summer until June 21 (one day after my birthday!), but who are we kidding? Kids are out of school and the weather is hot. Birds are singing, grass is green, flowers are in full bloom, SUMMER! And now that the weather has been consistently nice, I have Summer Bucket list goals on my mind.

Do you guys remember last years Summer Bucket List? I hit most of the things on my list and there were also some that got away….I will try to do better this year! Also I’m going to share the list here FIRST and let you know how it went at the end of summer! I’m hoping this way I can try a little harder and hold myself accountable 😉

Some of these may be familiar from last year but that’s because they’re just basic summer fun that are requirements at this point (and because anything involving food and beer is my jam!)

1. Have a Campfire/Bonfire
2. Have a Picnic
3. Visit a Museum or Zoo
4. Watch Sunrise/Sunset/Stargaze
5. Go to a Concert/Live Music
6. Read 3 Books (June/July/August)
7. Outdoor Movie (Park/Drive-In/Backyard)
8. Go to a Food Festival
9. Go to a Beer Festival or Brewery Tour
10. Do/Play an Outdoor Sport/Game
11. Be one with Nature (Hike/Camp)
12. Go to the Beach
13. Host a Game Night
14. Have Ice Cream/Gelato
15. Explore my city (Evanston!)

I am so lucky to live in such a great place! Evanston has so many fun things going on in the summer! Festivals, Food Trucks, Art Fairs, Farmers Markets, Live Music Concerts, Museums, and not to mention, local Restaurants and Breweries!
I’m most excited to get to know our little city more and all it has to offer!

What’s on your Summer Bucket List this year? Anything you just HAVE to do or go to? Any goals or activities you hope to achieve?
I’d just love to hear what you have planned for these 3 glorious months! And here’s crossing my fingers that I check off all mine this time around.


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