Easy Brie, Fig, Brioche Appetizer for Entertaining: Fool Friends into thinking you’re Fancy! (Trader Joe’s)

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone enjoyed Independence Day Holiday last week!

So keeping on the summer roll on the blog, I keep coming back to entertaining. And I know I’ve been talking a lot about food for the summer, but that’s mostly because food is one of those things that brings people together. Everyone gathered around the dinner table, drink in hand, and it allows an openness into jokes and cheerful conversation.

There’s nothing like whipping up and bringing a dish to share. It works as an ice breaker too! Wheather folks as you how you made/what’s in the dish or if you have a funny story as to why the dish looks like a hot mess. It’s a good way to share and have a good time.

I also know that, as a young person, you don’t know what the heck to bring or make for friends that’s not chips and dip. NOT that there’s anything wrong with chips and dip but sometimes you wanna bring something a little more fancy that shows “Hey look at what an elevated adult I am, I know things” and I also know that money can get tight so chips seem like an easy cheap solution for a dish to share with friends.

I am here to give you something a step better to fool your friends into thinking you fancy!

I present to you the Brie (type of soft cheese), Brioche (type of bread), Fig Spread (type of jam/preservatives) APPETIZER! IMG_20170713_084100_783

It’s literally 3 things guys! It looks seems so grown up and it tastes delicious. Friends and guests will be impressed and thankful you introduced this into their lives.

The best part is that you can pick up these items pretty inexpensively anywhere, but my go to is Trader Joe’s (NOT sponsered). The Slicing Brie was $4, and the Brioche Toasts were $2. The Fig Spread I happened to have at home already but you can pick it up anywhere for about $5.
*fig spread can be found by the fancy cheeses, most places carry this one (Dalmatia Fig Spread)

Most Brie will come in a triangle shape, that’s why I like the Slicing Brie from Trader Joe’s. It’s a rectangle so it’s easier to have consistent slices for the Brioche Toasts.

*Brie has a rind, a harder crust that keeps the soft cheese from falling apart. YES you can eat the rind and it’s just as tasty.


Slice up some Brie, place on top of Brioche Toast, add a dollop of Fig Spread over Brie.
Prepare for your taste buds to explode with deliciousness.

You can just lay it out so people serve themselves or you can prepare a bunch of already done ones for a grab and go bites finger food set up!

Simple. Easy. Cheap.
(fancy as fuck)



Here are some helpful ways to step it up a notch.

~ Bring a bottle of wine
~ Buy a nice cheese board and nice bowl (for Brioche toasts) as Hostess Gifts (that way you can bring a dish AND leave them the gifts for their new home etc.)
Put it on a nice tray and give the tray as a Hostess Gift
Make it part of a bigger cheese/meat platter.


Wishing you successful adulting 😉

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