Summer Bucket List 2017: REVISITED

Hello Hello!
“The time has come.” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things”
Guuuuuyyyys….one more day and August is over. September is right around the corner! Literally.
Where did summer go??
I know, technically, it’s summer until September 21st, but with school back in session and temperatures cooling down, it does feel like the unofficial end of summer. Summers are always a little busy for us, family, travel, friends, activities, weddings. It’s great living in a city where there’s a lot going on, and family and friends who are willing to hang out or do fun things! Speaking of fun things, let’s reflect back on my Summer Bucket List, I wrote at the beginning of summer (June 7th) and see how much I was able to cross off this year!

1. Have a Campfire/Bonfire
When I went camping in June with friends, we did have a campfire! We cooked chili over it! But no photos because our phones were off most of the time since signal was not strong, and we spaced it having too much fun!

2. Have a Picnic

Picnics were had in grassy parks by the lake! I made a stuffed loaf sandwich that was awesome! I’ll have to share in another post. A little wine doesn’t hurt either 😉
(picnic basket HERE, Blanket HERE)

3. Visit a Museum or Zoo

I got to visit Shedd Aquarium with my mom, older sister, and niece! It was great, and I love touching the stingrays!

4. Watch Sunrise/Sunset/Stargaze

All eyes were to the sky on Monday August 21st, when the Solar Eclipse happened! We got to see a good partial from Evanston, with 80% of the sun covered! We star gazed a bit during camping too!

5. Go to a Concert/Live Music

We got to see Ryan Adams in Milwaukee (Kevin is a big fan) and there’s always fun little random live shows in Evanston. Part of their Starlight Concerts.

6. Read 3 Books (June/July/August)
As you guys know, I’m part of a Book Club since I’m an avid and lover of literature! I have enjoyed 5 books this summer!

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche (*Highly Recommend)
A Man Called Ove  by Frederik Backman
The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls (*Highly Recommend)
Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer
Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote (Classic!)
No better way to spend summer afternoons than reading ❤

7. Outdoor Movie (Park/Drive-In/Backyard)
I tried to catch an outdoor movie 4 times this year! And something ALWAYS came up. Weather, no company, projector/screen problems. I tried hard guys and wasn’t able to.

8. Go to a Food Festival

Taste of Chicago! The must do food festival if you live near the city!

And Evanston’s Food Truck Festival! Kevin and I go every year, mostly because we are addicted to the Chipotle Aioli Fries from Grill Chasers!

9. Go to a Beer Festival or Brewery Tour

We hit up the Half Acre Brewery one early July day, nothing like day drinking! They give you 3 WHOLE PINTS of beer! No joke. Get there early to snag a spot, they only let 60 people in for their 1 tour on Saturdays.

10. Do/Play an Outdoor Sport/Game

I joined a sofball team this summer! We played to have fun! And although I wasn’t very good, I learned and was able to follow along closely at the White Sox vs. Cubs game we went to!

11. Be one with Nature (Hike/Camp)

Went camping with friends (girls trip!) and it was an amazing time with plenty of hiking involved…we got lost for 2 hours. But we’re actually planning another camping trip for fall! Also kayaking! It’s such a peaceful time out on the water, and a work out! Me and Kevin doing the double kayak thing haha

12. Go to the Beach
Usually we take night strolls on the beach, so there isn’t much photo opportunities. But I did go few times in the daytime just to hang and be beach bums!

13. Host a Game Night

I got to host a game night with friends that turned into a delicious food potluck too! Not only that but we have been attending weekly trivia pretty regularly this summer. Love my friends and all the new fun people I’ve met this year!

14. Have Ice Cream/Gelato

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you’ll know about the delicious Argentinian Gelato place I frequent here in Evanston. Frio Gelato, so good! We also did Sunday Sundaes at a friends place a couple times, bring on the toppings!

15. Explore my city (Evanston!)

Guys! There is actually SO. MUCH. to do in Evanston! This is one of the reasons why I love this mini city so much!
I mentioned the Park Concerts, Food Truck Festival, Beach, Gelato, there’s also a Sculpture Garden where we frequently walk our pup, there’s Farmer’s Markets, Museums, Breweries, as I shared a couple posts back. There is so many fun things to discover, I was crazy to think I could do it in a summer!
Exploring this city in constantly an ongoing quest for me, but putting it on my bucket list has kick started the whole thing and I really think it deserves a whole post of it’s own!
Hopefully soon to come!

Overall I did pretty well on my bucket list this summer! It was short and sweet and I only truly failed at 1 (Damn you Outdoor Movie!), but 14 out of 15 isn’t bad so I’m not complaining. It’s been an amazing summer!
I can smell the crisp fall just around the corner! And fall is my favorite!

What awesome things did you get to do this summer? Cross some things off your bucket list? I love hearing from you guys!


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