Baby Nook Nursery “Room” Tour (small space living)


Hello Hello fellow readers!
Where did the time go?! My due date is less than a week away!!! Time has really flown by and gotten away from me with this pregnancy. We have been busy bees in the Quarles household, birth class, doctors appointments, three baby showers (I know, we’re lucky!), work, squeezing in dates and sleep, PLUS just prepping and organizing for baby.
Phew! It’s a ton going on.
And though I haven’t had time to put as many blog posts together as I initially wanted…I’m still here and haven’t forgotten about you guys and hope you haven’t forgotten about me 😉

One of the most exciting things you get to do when welcoming a new baby into your life is putting the nursery together! And while I have TONS of inspiration around (Hello do you follow me on Pinterest, because I have a zillion ideas saved!), we also live in a small 1 bedroom apartment.
And yes, I know “small” is a relative term. People in New York live in smaller apartments that we do and make it work. But our space is still small, and there’s 3 of us in here already. Me, my 6′ 5″ husband, and our 45 lb border collie. One bedroom, living room, dining room, and a galley kitchen make up the basic layout of our place. We have been here for 5 years already so the spaces are already pretty defined as to how we need them to work for us. So where do we build in a nursery for baby. Alot of people said to just convert the dining room into a baby room, but the dining room is an eating space as well as craft room, as well as an office, as well as a library, as well as a bar……..that’s alot of multi functional spaces that we’d have to find other homes for in our apartment.

Instead of a whole room, we decided to carve out a nook in a corner of our bedroom! It isn’t a lot of room so we knew we would have to search for more specific pieces to make this plan work for our lifestyle, space, and aesthetic. But it would all be worth it in the end!

Here is the corner we chose.

To the left of our bed we had a small dresser with a TV, a hamper, some workout gear, and the dog bed. Yes. It’s messy. Real life y’all.
We sold the tv and dresser. Moved the hamper to a different corner of the room. Sold, donated some less used workout gear, and consolidated the rest into an ottoman in the living room. And rotated and moved the dog bed closer to the foot of the bed but still on the left of it.

Here’s what we ended up with!

A bright and cheerful baby nook!
We have a crib, dresser cabinet wardrobe, laundry basket, we even bought portable washer (because you end up washing baby clothes really frequently).
It has the aesthetic and feel we want, as well as being functional!

We bought the YDDINGEN High Bathroom Cabinet from Ikea and I hacked it by removing the door and adding the OSTERNAS handles to the drawers, and adding a KUNGSFORS rail to the underside of a shelf to make a clothing rod for hanging clothes. And the NORDRANA hanging of the side for little socks, hats, etc. All from Ikea!



The crib is the star of the show! We decided to go with a mini crib instead of a full sized crib. Not only does it fit better for our small space but it also can fit up to a 2 year old so it has the longevity that we’re also looking for. We liked the looks and style of this one.

Babyletto Mini Crib and Babyletto Mini Crib Mattress with Hybrid Waterproof Cover.

The crib can fold up and it has wheels so we can easily move, we bought some standard under the bed containers for extra blankets, and bigger size baby clothes.

Since the furniture pieces we picked were neutral, we decided to bring a pop of color into the baby nook with a teal and orange color theme.

Wonderful screen silk ABC print, BabyBlue Print Ultrasound, and gorgeous Wizard of Oz canvas art! Plus we got a free hand me down Boppy that we got a new cover for to match our color theme!
And look at all those small details, Jellycat Fox, little baby sunglasses, Converse, and a hilarious inside joke baby shirt!



We are just beyond excited at how everything turned out!
We love that we were able to carve out a little nook for baby in our small apartment! It took a little work and effort to find pieces that would fit and work how we needed them too but also stayed true to our style and flow of our home.

We can’t wait for little ones arrival!!!



Other Sources:

Portable Washer

Teal Baby Hangers

Fox Bath Towel

White Step Stool

Mini Crib Sheets Teal

Mini Crib Sheets Orange


Pom Pom Basket (discontinued) Land of Nod

**Anything else pictured was gifted to us and sources are unknown

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