Evanston’s Craft Breweries: A tour of my favorite local beers

Hey folks!
Been working on my summer bucket list, and one of the goals on there was Exploring my city (Evanston)! I’ve been working on it but there is a ton of hidden gems in this little town that it may need a post of it’s own! I really love this place! And one of the things that Evanston prides itself on, is local business. There are SO many independent shops, restaurants, breweries, and a lot more, around! Everything seems more unique in this town, and it definitely has a cozy, self love feeling, I’ve never experienced anywhere else. It truly feels like “home” for me!

AND if you know anything about me…..
you know I like me some beer!

For how relatively small Evanston is, I am always impressed by the singular businesses that exist here. There are 3 breweries in town! And I am a BIG fan!
I’m going to share each brewery and what I like about them and how each one has a different experience from one another.
Plus, my favorite beers at each one!

*Warning: A lot of the beers I like/mention are seasonal


1. Sketchbook Brewing Company
821 Chicago Ave.
Evanston, IL 60202
(847) 859-9051

tues – thurs:  noon – 10 pm
fri – sat:  noon – 11 pm
sun:  noon – 8 pm
mon:  closed

This is a small Tap Room (it’s tiny in there guys), but tasty beers and walking distance from my apartment. What more can you ask for?! They have board games available and you can BYOF (bring your own food).


My top 3 beers there:

A serious IPA with tons of dry hop character bringing citrus and piney aromas on a beautiful malt backbone.  Dry hopped twice for bold grapefruit and other citrus flavors that are contrasted by the malt sweetness.

An extremely drinkable session pale ale, filled with the flavors of five different malts.  Light and crisp body, with the citrus aroma of CITRA hops.

This beer brings to you a soft malt flavor, the aroma of North Dakota clover honey, and a subtle minty and peppery flavor from Thai Holy Basil (Húng Quế). The result is an extremely enjoyable and refreshing pale ale. It will take care of your stress.


What makes it fun?
Blank coasters and colored pencils on the table, allow you to draw some pretty sweet things while enjoying a tasty beer. Plus they feature them on the wall and Instagram!
Check out my sweet design above!

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2. Smylie Brothers Brewing Company
1615 Oak Avenue
Evanston, IL

Monday – Closed
Sunday – Thursday 11AM – 9PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM – 10PM

Rustic modern cabin feel to this full on restaurant and brewery on the edge of Evanston’s downtown area. In the heart of it all! They are always trying new infused beers, like the Coconut Orange Peel or the Pineapple Sage, yuuuummm!


My top 3 beers there:

A Bavarian style pale lager. Crisp and clean, showcasing Pilsner malt. Lightly hopped with German noble hops.

Very complex, yet light and refreshing. Fairly dry on the palate with fruity, spicy flavors from a Belgian yeast strain.

Light, sessionable, and tart. A style originating in Berlin, Germany, this white ale has a dry, lemony sourness from lactic acid produced during a lactobacillus fermentation. Option to serve with or without housemade raspberry or woodruff syrup (red or green).


What makes it fun?
The food! The food is sooooo good! I can never get out of here without having some tasty grub! The barbecue is delicious! And the mac and cheese is to die for! But if you must try one item on the menu, make it the Pork Belly Poutine!!!

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3. Temperance Beer Company

2000 West Dempster Street
Evanston, Illinois 60202
(847) 864-1000

Monday – Closed
Tuesday– Thursday 4PM– 10PM
Friday & Saturday 12PM– 11PM
Sunday 12PM-8PM

Where my book club meets once a month! This spacious tap room with ample shared picnic family style seating, is tucked away in West Evanston. Plus they have a killer patio where you can play bags! And it’s also BYOF (bring your own food).


My top 3 beers there:

Getting into the party is one thing. Getting out when the time is right is another. Our American IPA comes on strong with four types of aromatic hops and the right amount of bittering, then smoothly makes its way to the exit, lingering only in your memories.

Swimsuits on fences. Chances taken. Summer belongs to the carefree and the courageous. Greenwood Beach Blonde ale embraces summer with a bold addition of pineapple. It’s a beer for the opportunities you don’t pass up.

I couldn’t find this on their website. They usually have it on draft in the tap room. It’s light, refreshing, and a touch of sweetness.


What makes it fun?
They have yoga in the brewery! Do some yoga, have a beer, and it’s all for a good charity cause!

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Whether you are local to Evanston or are visiting, if beer is your thing, come visit the local breweries here! What are some local craft breweries near you? And what are the best beers there? You never know, this girl may travel for a good beer!

Support your town by downing a cold one 😉


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