Adventures in Blogging: What I’ve learned so far

Hello Hello!

This week I thought I’d share with you guys a couple of things I’ve learned, and how I’m trying to better improve myself in my blogging ventures. Let me just start by saying blogging is kinda hard.

I have a full time job and I have to find the time and energy to have post ideas, execute the concept, document it, and then write about it to share with you guys. On top of that I try to both workout and read regularly, because we gotta try to keep our minds and bodies sharp. And yea, I get lazy….definitely doesn’t help that I have an HGTV addiction. But I want to have some sort of purpose and some creative direction in which I can funnel myself. Maybe try to learn more about myself through doing and sharing, too. I started this blog to have an outlet, and even though I have to find the time, I enjoy it. It started as kind of a hobby but I want it to grow and become a part time or maybe even full time project I can dedicate myself to, but I haven’t really figured out how to make any income from it yet. (Fellow bloggers, feel free to chime in!!)

Either way, I enjoy it so I thought I’d share a few little things I’ve learned so far.

Write down any and all ideas
Make lists of any idea or project or recipe you think can be fleshed out into a blog post. Even if you don’t have a theme or category for an idea sometimes they accumulate and they become their own thing. There’s no such thing as too many post options to pick from.

Have a schedule and plan what kind of things you want to discuss. Whether it’s this month, the next 3 months, 6 months, or even for the year. What do you hope to share and achieve. Then set smaller goals to help you achieve these bigger goals.

Here’s a little sneak peek as to how I plan: I bought a cork board where I pin all my blog posts ideas and a dry erase calendar where I can plan when I’ll do which posts to give myself to plan it out and work on it throughout the week/month.


I try to publish my blog posts on Tuesday mornings. (not gonna lie, Labor Day threw me off this week. Oops.) But if you have a pattern for when and how often you post it makes it easier for your readers to check in and follow you. It can be more than weekly or it can be every 2 weeks, monthly, whatever works the best for your life and schedule. Just be consistent and stick with it. Execute.

Make the time to work
Set aside designated time to work on your blog. When you have certain hours to work on something you will sit down and do it. It can be 1-2 hours a couple days a week, whatever works for you, remember. But once you sit down and start doing something piece by piece it will feel like less of a heavy chore.
I can tell you that I am personally struggling with this one, but I’m working on it.
Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Have a work space
Seriously. I don’t care if it’s a spare room, an office, a closet. Have an quiet area that you can go to concentrate and give yourself breathing room to think.

I’d like to say I got this one down buuuutttt……no. I don’t.

I was gonna fool you and be like, this is my area:


In reality, most of my work happens at 1 a.m. in my living room after my husband’s gone to bed. No make-up, in bummin’ clothes:


But I’m trying to create a work space, it just goes hand in hand with Make Time to Work. Those are the big challenges for me right now but I’m shifting toward that slowly and it is so much better!

Don’t be afraid to share your mistakes
We’re all human. I’m no robot. I work and trying to do a zillion other things too, plus this blog. It’s alot and it can be frustrating when an idea falls through, remember the pupusa incident? You have such high hopes and plans but things don’t happen. And that’s ok, it’s life. You can’t be afraid to laugh at yourself because we’re all learning. And I seriously believe no one has any clue what they’re doing.

Little things I’ve learned in starting this blog. Hey, it’s only been 7 months! If you have any hints, please share in the comments. Thanks 🙂


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