Wes Anderson: Couple/Family/Group Halloween Costumes

Hello fellow readers!!
Halloween is coming up soon and I wanted to share with y’all our costumes for this year. Kevin and I always dress up for Halloween, both our family’s throw parties and sometimes our friends, so we like having a fun couple costume (I say couple but we ALWAYS include Lafayette too).

In the past we have been; Frankenstein and Bride, Fry and Leela from Futurama, Shaggy and Velma from Scooby-Doo, Fishermen (Lafayette was a Shark), and Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood (Lafayette was the Golden Idol). We have a blast trying to figure and thrift our costumes and we love the pop culture characters. This year we went with Wes Anderson and more specifically, The Royal Tenenbaums ! I am very excited about the whole thing!!!! Kevin will be Richie, I will be Margot, and Lafayette will be Chas.

Kevin for Richie Tenenbaum costume:


Adidas tshirt, Sweat band, Aviators (he was going to wear his own in pic, but then bought these), wig was from my Velma costume years ago, the corduroy brown blazer was a thrift store find, and he wore his own brown pants and shoes. Spent  $45 on his costume.

Me for Margot Tenenbaum costume:


Blue striped tshirt dress, Dickey collar, Pink gloves, Blonde wig, Fake Cigarette, Fur coat was borrowed from a friend. I wore black flats and added the bobby pin to the wig. Spent $30 on my costume.

Lafayette for Chas Tenenbaum:


Red striped dog raincoat/jumpsuit. Spent $15

Drumroll…….Here we are!


What do you guys think? We felt pretty good about it!
I’d love to know how you are dressing up this year! Whether it’s a solo, couple, family, or group costume. Comment your pics and ideas below!


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