Ikea Mandal Headboard and some life lessons learned.

Hey y’all! Just wanted to give you a few little updates on the progress we continue to make in our home, and some little lessons I’ve learned about life these last couple weeks.

Let’s talk about plants! This blogs first post in February was about adding plant life into our home, I’m no gardener and a few of my plants didn’t make it…..whoever said succulents are impossible to kill is lying. They just die slower, as I’ve learned…

Let’s take a look back at my pretty plants back in the day:


Starting from the left: Tin plant died
Yellow Bowl is still alive but looking sad
Little Green bowl died
Black Bowl is alive and growing HUGE! I even had to put him in a bigger pot!
White bowl succulents purple guys in middle front died but others are still alive and prickly guy is bigger.

Here’s a new updated pic of my plants:


Starting from the top left, Brown/White pot is a new guy
Orange pot is my old black bowl plant that I re-potted and he’s BIG!
Chalkboard Ruler pot is a new guy from our friend’s wedding (awesome party favor!)
Yellow bowl guy is the same but looking a little sadder…
And White bowl succulents are doing ok, the prickly guy got bigger

I even bought soil guys! Finally, I know….

I’m learning and not afraid to buy new plants to keep the greenery in our place at least a little 🙂


Another little change was made in our bedroom. We got a new headboard and I love it! Even after some aches and pains. So when I got the new Ikea catalog in the mail I was EXCITED! Making dream homes and re-arranging things in my head…and that got me thinking of the Ikea Mandal headboard. I have always been drawn to it but the new catalog was the little push I needed to commit. I looked it up online and to my HORROR it has been discontinued!!! Noooooooo! What a nightmare, right? We’ve all been there. So naturally….Craigslist was the solution. And there it was. Calling to me.

So $100 bucks and one 30 min. uncomfortable trip later…..yes guys. Uncomfortable. Turns out it was a bit longer assembled than we anticipated. Even with the seats down it was a tight squeeze, and since Kevin was driving, I spent the time in a most awkward position underneath the thing for the car ride home.

Yep, underneath.

I am in BOTH of these pics, by the way. But it was ours! And a couple holes in the wall, 1 hour, and 2 anchor screws later…it was up!

Before: no headboard at all


And After:


I think it adds more texture and dimension to our bedroom, and I love the little side shelves that come with it. You can get rid of your nightstands if you want to but we don’t. In fact, I’m hoping we can get matching nightstands soon to make everything look more rounded.

Little changes at a time guys.

Let’s talk about some things I’ve learned this week:

Making Friends

It’s always been a little though making and keeping friends for me. It’s not that I don’t like people. It’s just that life happens and I’m a little insecure about still being interesting to people. But I do have few and close friends. That said, I got some great advice from some mentors (older gents that I admire): Be a YES person.

They told me to not be scared to go do things with people I’ve just met. Activity clubs, crafts, performances, concerts, anything. Try to go, there’s alot a free things and experiences to have with new people. So, I’m trying. We got invited to a housewarming party/open mic performance by some new neighbors in our building. And we WENT and had FUN! Sometimes we shy away from things but then how will we know. They were great people and they’ve even come over since then


This advice from my mentors also translates into another aspect I’ve learned.

Do NOT compare your life to others

I’ve mostly stopped comparing my body overall physical looks to others since High School ( I mean there’s still some times). But for the most part I have accepted that this is how I look. This is my hair, my body shape, my eye color, my skin. And no matter all imperfections I just have to be good to myself. I have accepted and known that for a while.

But now that I am getting into my late 20’s, I find myself comparing something else. My overall life direction and accomplishments.

It is so easy to say so-and-so has done so much in their life and they’re younger than me OR by the time so-and-so was this age the already had a career or started their own business. Or so-and-so has a big family and house. It’s hard to swallow all this sometimes. I am truly happy for people. I love to see how wonderfully they have grown their life. But I feel like I’m either running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off or like I have done nothing of notice. Because the truth is. I have no idea what I am doing or where my life is going.

Getting married was a BIG deal, but I half expected some “ADULT” switch to turn on when that happened. It didn’t. And that’s ok, because if I’m constantly worrying of “trying” to get “there”, I never will. I have to think of all the amazing people in my life and the things I’m doing. Let the things that are making you happy, have their moment. Step back and see how great things truly are for you, because you are not so-and-so. That is not your life. And that’s good, because this. This IS your life.

But I also have to be a YES person and learn and try new things. Meet new people. You can find something or someone you really like. That can lead to more in your life that you never even thought could happen.

What can I say? I’m trying.


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