Quick Healthy Lunch Ideas

Hiya guys! I know I know, I’ve been slacking a bit with the weekly posts, but what can I say…I’ve been having a busy summer. Both socially and work wise.

But today I decided to do 2 quick recipe lunches in 1 post!
I really need to start setting up weekly/monthly goals for my blog. I’ve only been doing this since February so any blogging advice or any suggestions for what kind of posts you wanna see are welcomed!!! Feel free to leave any of that info in the comments.

Soooo…..I’m pretty lazy when it comes to food. I like dinner to take no more than 30 min. to make, but I’m even lazier about lunch. It’s just so much easier to buy something when I’m at work, but what about those other days. Those days when you don’t wanna leave your home and stay in your pj’s all day. I don’t have too much lazy food at home and you can’t just live of junk food. Sometimes you want something fresh that will take you 5 minutes and still feel good (not junky).

Here’s 2 quick lunch ideas!

#1 Egg and Tomato Sandwich

 You’ll need:

1 Large Tomato
1 Large Egg
1 English Muffin
Salt and Pepper or Herbes De Provence
Avocado and Cheese (optional)

This one is pretty easy!

Toast that English Muffin.
Fry up that tomato for a little in some olive oil.
Put tomato on English Muffin.
Lightly season that shit with salt and pepper.
Fry up an egg.
Put over tomato.
Season with Herbes de Provence.
OR salt and pepper.
You do you.
Top with avocado and cheese.
If you want.
Whatever you’re into.

And BAM! Enjoy that goodness!!!!


Now, I know not everyone can fry and egg. 50/50 Kevin’s “fried” eggs will turned out scrambled. But the key is to use a bit of olive oil (NOT butter) over medium heat. Wait for oil to heat up a little before cracking the egg in. Then carefully wiggle the spatula under the egg and flip. Flip when egg edges start to brown a little.

#2 Caprese Pockets


Fresh Basil
Round Mozzarella
Pizza Crust in a tube (it’s bu the Pillsbury biscuits etc.) 
Salt and Pepper


Alright chop up some tomatoes and mozzarella and some basil strips.
Lay out your pizza crust on some parchment paper and cut into 4 equal pieces.
Fill it up with the tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.
Season with some S and P.
Close those puppies up to the best of your abilities.
And cook according to pizza crust package directions or longer (until golden).

I didn’t close mine too good as you can tell by the cheese seepage. And I could of probably waited until they were a little more golden….live and learn. Dip in marinara sauce when you eat them, AMAZING! Or have them solo.

But they were yummy anyway!


What I like about these is you can make a bunch and FREEZE them! Then nuke em’ in the microwave for a few minutes when you wanna eat em’!

There ya go, 2 easy quick lunch solutions that aren’t junk food.
Fresh and delish!

Don’t forget to leave a post suggestion or blog advice in the comments!


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