Late Night Walks and Blanket Forts: Date Your Husband series

Hiya guys! So sorry I missed last weeks blog post, but it’s been an activity filled summer for us so far. I’ll share a little about that in this post and in a future post to come 🙂

Today’s post is part of my Date Your Husband series! It’ll give you a bit of a look into how Kevin and I make quality of the time we spend together! We all have stresses and irritations in our everyday life and sometimes you unfortunately end up lashing out on the one closest to you, but the thing is that they love and accept you. I am so lucky to have Kevin, who is patient and understanding, plus he makes me laugh even when I don’t want to, which is always a good thing.

Kevin and I married in October (almost a year!) and this is, like all our summers, has been full of fun! We love movie theater and nice restaurant dates like any other couple, but we also like to spice things up! Living so close to Chicago is great for us because there’s always some activity or just awesome landmarks to explore, and Evanston (where we live) is a very community driven place so there are always neighborhood events.

We’ve gone to a couple concerts. Rain or shine.

And as food lovers, we have also been to some food festivals!
We both seriously love food. Seriously.

We have been having back alley cook outs with ours friends and neighbors.

We have been trying new beers and we have cooked new foods together, my jaw almost hit the floor when Kevin suggested we have a vegetarian meal. VEGETARIAN, as in meat free. Meatless. He is not the type I would have ever thought I would hear those words from. So we cooked up some homemade fried rice topped with a fried egg. Yum! (he even said he’d be willing to try more veggie meals every once in a while)

And for some free ways to switch it up a little, we have been taking late night walks together with our dog, Lafayette. It gives us time to really talk without having the distraction of the tv and our phones. More than the typical “How was your day/work?” talk, we get to talk about where we want our relationship to head, where we see the next step for our life together, ways we can make that happen, our ideas and hopes for ourselves as individuals and as a couple, and our expectations or help we need from one another.

But also…..we built a blanket fort!

Haha yep! That’s right!
We’ve also set up some romantic atmosphere around our apartment, so we can get into a relaxing, intimate, and romantic mindset.


And we got to go to a wedding and dance our asses off!


I love my him, can’t help it. Kevin makes me laugh and happy. I get to see him be so caring and loving to Lafayette and he’s never put off by the crazy spontaneous ideas I have, he rolls with it.

My kind of guy. ❤

But it’s really taking the time to really be there for each other. Communicate. Listen. You have to try.


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