DIY Watercolor Greeting Card: For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and I loooove my mami! She has been both mother and father to all 4 of her kids and she is the strongest female figure in my life. So I was thinking, you know how you hand make a gift for your mom when you’re young? Why not try to give add that same element for Mother’s Day?! I decided to make a simple DIY watercolor card! And you can too!

Blank Watercolor Cards with envelopes (mine are these)
Paintbrushes (these were cheap and did NOT shed)
White China Marker Grease Pen (any craft or hardware shop)
Crayola Watercolor Paint

What to do:

  1. Take your template and place it behind the card, hold it up to the light so you can see through the card. You can also press it against a window but it wasn’t light out when I did this soo…..yea.20160502_221719
  2. Take your white china marker grease pen and trace and fill in your template. Again, if you do this in the day time you can rest against a window and it will be much easier than trying to hold it up (so light shows through) and write on it. Like I did.20160502_222810
  3. Wet your brush and start painting! I picked a purple color for my card and did short strokes all the way across the card, working my way from top to bottom. As you can see the waxy china marker grease pen repels the water paint! Cool!

    4. I painted my whole card then waited for it to dry a bit. To create a soft ombre effect I repainted the top 2/3 of the card (and not the bottom) waited for it to dry a bit again then repainted just top 1/3rd of the card.

    5. The paint will bead on the wax. I went over the lettering with a clean paper towel when I was done painting. Then with a new smaller CLEAN brush I went over it with clean water and dabbed the water off. It seemed to help clean up the letters.


    Was a fun new craft! And it’s awesome if you want to make personalized cards if you can’t find anything out there with what you want to say.

 *full disclosure…this card is sample piece. The one I am actually going to give to my mom says something else but it’s a surprise! But just wanted to share this in case you want to make one for your mom!20160503_003412-1

I think it came out great and still has a handmade feel I wanted!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mamas out there!



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