Homemade Pizzas: Date Your Husband series

So as many of you know, I got married in October 2015, and it’s been a great 6 months so far as a Mrs. My husband, Kevin, and I have lived together since mid 2011, which means that not much has changed since being married. But spending quality time on your relationship is important.

I’m not afraid that we’re going to get bored with each other or anything. I just think it’s good to reconnect, even if it’s only for a little each day. Trying something new or different together. Not just zoning out in front of the tv or into your phone. We love a Netflix binge as much as the next couple! But sometimes it’s nice to take yourself out of that routine. So this weekend we went on a long walk with our dog and just hung outdoors and then came home and made pizzas together! It was a nice mellow lazy Sunday, but we laughed a ton and talked about all kinds of random weird things. Sometimes a “date” doesn’t have to be going out. We are young, and more often that not, we are broke. So it’s more about doing something together without distractions, and really listening and sharing. Share your dreams or nightmares, ideas, what you hope to achieve for yourself and as a couple.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you a few pics of our lazy Sunday pizza extravaganza!

We bought some standard pizza ingredients at Trader Joe’s (dough, pepperoni, sauce, pesto, chicken, and sliced mozzarella). We also had some stuff at home (purple onion, black olives, shredded cheese). I was 95% sure we had mushrooms at home for my pizza buuuuut….I was wrong.

I made a chicken, purple onion, fresh sliced mozzarella toppings with pesto sauce on a garlic herb dough. (missing my ‘shrooms…)

Kevin made a pepperoni, black olive, shredded cheese topping with tomato sauce on a plain dough.

Here we are showing off our handy work.
Don’t judge, makeup free, hair tied back, bummin’ out Brenda.

20 minutes and out of the oven later, they were looking goooooood!


Yeah. We are this cool.

Pizzas were delicious and we got to spend some real fun quality time together. Just because your married doesn’t mean you have to stop trying!



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