2 Minute DIY Cell Phone Stand from a cheap Cassette Case

Hey guys! So if your phone is pretty much growing out of your hand, like mine is, it’s on your night stand while you sleep. So why not make a simple phone stand. This project is quick and simple. I wanted to make something to hold my phone because it’s my alarm clock every morning.

You only need 2 Supplies:
An old cassette case and Washi tape!


Remove the tape and any paper from cassette case.

Here’s my case front and back. I didn’t remove the sticker because I’m gonna cover it with tape.

You can cover as much or as little of the case. I used 2 different patterns of tape, but feel free to go crazy.


Mine turned out like this! Just flip the case so it sits open like so.


I think it turned out pretty good! I have an Android, to set up the Clock to show digitally while the phone is charging go to your Settings, to Display, turn ON Daydream mode, pick Digital Clock. It will only show while your phone is charging. If you don’t have that option you can download Clock Plus for your Daydream mode.




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