THINX Panties Review: Let’s Talk Periods

Hey y’all!
We are talking about periods on the blog today so if you’re a dude or it makes you uncomfortable and you just want to pretend periods don’t exist, then feel to skip this post 🙂
I’m not going to pressure you into reading this if you just come here for the recipe posts, haha but periods are a real thing that most women have to deal with. That’s almost half the world’s population. HALF! So yes we get periods, it’s not a big deal. We shouldn’t be shamed into not talking about them.

Also this is NOT a sponsored post.
My blog isn’t that cool yet.

Let’s move on.
First and foremost I would like to say that the following post will talk about MY period personally and how I experience it, and all opinions are my OWN. I’m just giving you guys a straight forward friendly talk as to how I feel about the THINX PERIOD PANTIES. If you have any quick questions just comment and I would be happy to answer but any technical or really specific questions you can contact THINX here or take a look at their FAQ’s.

A little info about me and my period. I’ve been on birth control (the pill) since I was 18, that’s almost 10 YEARS!! I’m turning 28 next month! My period usually lasts 5 days and I have a light-medium flow.
So how did I come across THINX. I would have to say all the ads on Facebook. I just started seeing them pop up everywhere and I got really curious. Periods are a thing that happen to me every month, which means I think about them frequently. Always thinking about solutions, ways to make them more comfortable.

I hate using tampons. I don’t know if I am the only girl out there who hates tampons, it sure feels that way sometimes. I just don’t like the idea of something inside my body. Especially cotton or foam or whatever the heck tampons are made from. That’s also why a menstrual cup kinda freaks me out. Some silicone or plastic thing all up in ya lady parts. And also why the IUD scares me! Not for me, thanks.
*(also why I’m not very keen on contacts, plastic in your eyes!!!)

Then there’s pads. Good ol’ dependable pads. They irritate you, bulky, itchy, sometimes make noise, rip out your pubic hair every once in a while, and you are fully aware of them the whole time. Sure, there’s reusable pads, but they clip to your underwear and are a thicker fabric, which means it still feels like a pad but is less wasteful.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw the THINX ads! I asked for a pair for Christmas from friends and they delivered! Now, THINX are supposed to be used as a back up for tampons or menstrual cups, but knowing my period I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to use the panties by themselves. I tried them WITHOUT any back up for 5 period cycles now and they have been awesome!


So here’s the low down.

How many panties do I have?
I only have 2 and they are both the hiphugger cut, in black. I could probably use 1 more.

How do I use them?
I just put a pair on for the whole day! And then I switch into a fresh pair before bed.

How do they feel?
They kinda feel like work out material but a little thicker. Not crazy thick where they feel heavy on. And when they are absorbing they starts feeling a little heavier. For the most part they feel dry. Really absorbent and moisture-wicking!

Do they smell?
No. I have not noticed them smelling. They are antimicrobial and seem to smell less than when I use a pad.

How do you know when to change into a fresh pair?
You should be changing into a fresh pair daily, at least. They do start to feel damp throughout the day or when your flow is a little heavier.

Do they leak?
I have NOT had any leakage issues. They feel snug to my body, not tight though. And I haven’t had any staining on pants or bed sheets. I even work out with them!

How do you wash them?
Honestly I wash mine by hand. I wash them in the tub with a bit of laundry detergent, wring them out, and hang to dry. I usually wear a pair all day, switch into a fresh pair before bed and wash the dirty pair to dry overnight. You can toss them into the washing machine according to their site, but hand washing seems to work for me and I have not seen any deterioration or changes in effectiveness.

How much can they absorb?
According to their site, different cuts hold different amounts. Mine are said to hold 2 tampons worth! But I suggest you test them out with your own flow. You know your body.

Wanna hear a fun fact? I wore them during the women’s march I attended in Chicago!

I honestly love them and would recommend to all ladies out there to at least give it a try!
It just feels way more comfortable like a nice pair of underwear, and you don’t have to worry about itchy pads. It doesn’t hurt to at least check out the THINX website and get informed about period options out there!

They are great and have just made my period a whole lot easier! Just put them on and go on with my day, not having to worry about changing pads or tampons. Or having to hide pad or tampon garbage at public places that don’t have trash bins. I don’t have to constantly be thinking about it, because I feel confident in them.
They’re just underwear!


One thought on “THINX Panties Review: Let’s Talk Periods

  1. Anne Collard says:

    This is a great post! Thanks for sharing! You’re right that it is something that should be a normal thing to talk about since half of our population experience it once a month!


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