My Top 5 Current Facial Skin Care Products

Hello Hello!
I missed last weeks blog post! I had a doctors appointment and work has been a little crazy….the warmer it gets the more things seem to pick up and get busier in my life. I am trying to do so many things and not miss out on other things and catch up on things I’ve pushed off….things things things.
Alas, that is life.
*if you have any suggestions for better controlling life, I’m ALL ears 😉

About 3 weeks ago I shared my DIY Lemon Honey Sugar Face Scrub and I got a few questions about my skin care routine and which products I use. Well, I’m going to be honest….beauty and skin care products have just gotten more and more expensive. I use to be a little addicted to cleansers and moisturizers and creams, all that stuff for a while, but I find that drugstore products can be just as good.
(*side note: I have never really gotten into make up)

In my opinion the most important steps for taking care of your skin are simple:
1. Remove your makeup EVERY night.
2. Wash your face daily.
3. Hydrate, drinking lots of water helps more than just your skin
4. Moisturize your skin (ALL your skin)
5. Wear sunscreen

Let me give you a quick 101 on MY skin. I don’t wear too much makeup (I have pretty good skin, lucky). Usually light mineral foundation, cream blush, and mascara do the trick. I’ll throw on some eyeliner if I’m seeing lots of people or we’re going out. I only do heavier makeup (foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, etc.) when I have a wedding or something more formal. My skin is Normal/Dry. It can be sensitive.


Here are my top skin care products I am currently using on my face!

OMG!!! I am in LOOOOOVE with this! It removes all my makeup with one cotton pad. Just a few drops on one side of a cotton pad remove my eye makeup, then I use the other side of the pad for the rest of my face, no additional drops needed! It feels like water and has 0 scent, which I appreciate because my skin can be kind of sensitive. It literally feels like fresh water and there is no burning sensation whatsoever, I’ve had burning and stinging with other make up removers but this stuff is just amazing!!

I have to say, I am a sucker for foaming cleansers. I just like how they foam up and get in all the nooks and crannies of your face. This Tea Tree one smells great and is a kind of cooling soothing that I love.


I like to use coconut oil as a moisturizer, it makes my skin feel dewy and supple and not greasy at all! A very small amount (1/4 teaspoon for my whole face) can go a long way. I can’t testify as to how it works on oily skin as I have Normal/Dry, but I can say that it does not leave oil stains on my sheets or clothes, and I got to bed within 2 minutes of slathering it on. I’ve tried a couple different coconut oils and there are some good and perfectly fine ones out there. But I keep coming back to this one and it’s so easy to pick up when I’m doing my Trader Joe’s shopping (cookie butter anyone?).


The above 3 products are used in my night time routine.
Also I am a night showerer so I remove my makeup, wash my face with my foam cleanser, hop in and out the shower, and apply coconut oil to my face.

My morning routine is the next 2 products.

I have been using this stuff for years and it is just the most basic and simple cleanser out there. It’s unscented and cleans your skin with no irritation. It’s just a skin care staple for me.


*poked my eye right before taking this pic

It’s a gel that feels like a moisturizing cream! Hydrates my skin and soaks in fast so it is perfect for my morning routine. I wish it had a higher SPF but I usually put this on then sunscreen anyway (spf 55+!), then my makeup and another quick layer of sunscreen.
Haha I put on suncreen twice because I don’t know if its supposed to go on before or after your makeup. Either way, doesn’t hurt to be safe.


So the above 2 products I usually wake up walk the dog, eat breakfast, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on moisturizer, then sunscreen, then makeup, more sunscreen. And I am set for the day!

(*ALL my face pics have NO filters so you can see what’s what)

I really like having these basic 5 for my face. Since I do 3 at night and 2 in the morning it just seems like a quick and simple routine and I try to stick to it everyday because I think washing your face and especially removing your makeup does wonders for your facial skin. I also use my Clarasonic every 3 days (with whatever cleanser it came with) and I do use my DIY Lemon Honey Sugar Face Scrub once a week and I try to do some sort of face mask bi-weekly. But I feel like those are more extra love for my face and these top 5 are my basics! ❤

Dewey, hydrated, moisturized, skin is the best! And I think caring for it also helps you start getting a more even skin tone, over the years of starting a daily routine I do feel like my skin looks alot healthier.

What are some of your top go to skin care products for your face? I’d be interested in hearing what you love and couldn’t do without!


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