2017 New Year, New You! Let’s talk resolutions


Happy New Year lovely readers!!!

 So with a new year come promises of changes you are determined to make happen. I’ve always been a fan of making goals for the year. Most of these are a larger umbrella type goal that will have smaller scale steps to achieve, and sometimes I have an idea of those smaller steps, and sometimes I’m still working out how to get there. Either way I always make a list (yay lists!!) and I always look back at the resolutions I made a year ago. Sometimes it bums me out to still have similar things on the list, but most of the time it makes me happy to see the things I’ve crossed off and are now part of my everyday life.

Now that I’ve had a blog for almost a year, some are professionally related and some are my own personal improvement aspirations.

Either way here are my resolutions for 2017:

#1 Eat Healthier and Get Fit

I’m not interested in just “losing” weight. I’d like to establish better eating and exercise habits. Small changes that I can fit into a more long term prospect. Get a more tone body and maybe become more in tune in the process. Plus I have a wedding coming up!
Your body is your temple, guys.

#2 Watch less t.v.= read more

This one can be tough because there is so much good stuff on t.v. and both Kevin and I love movies and shows (Netflix binges!) Yet at the end of the day when you realize that you only watched television all day and didn’t interact much except for commenting on the show/movie, it’s kind of exhausting. I want to read so many things and just have a more relaxing time that involves interacting with the world around you and not just staring at a screen. We’re also not swimming in the dough where we can go out all the time so maybe more board game nights…etc.?
Love each other and yourself.

#3 Declutter and Organize

You know, divide and conquer. We are always surprised at how much we can pack into our 1 bedroom apartment, buuuuut maybe that is not always a good thing. With all these minimalist ideas floating around maybe it’s the time to sort, toss, and organize what we already have.
Less is more, people.

#4 Save Money; Make a Budget

We definitely have some big long term goals we want to achieve. Start a family, get a house, big life ticket items like that. And to accomplish these we need to make a budget and start saving big bucks. So both Kevin and I need to sit down together and really figure out what’s do-able for us. Even if we have to be a little more frugal this year.
It’s always more possible than you think.

#5 Be on Time

Anyone that really knows me also knows that I have a punctuality problem. This is mostly due to me sabotaging myself. Even when I’m running slightly early and find myself with even a minute or two to spare, I suddenly think it’s a good idea to start vacuuming the whole apartment or rearranging the kitchen. So I will try to set smaller steps to achive better time management, wash the dishes nightly, prep my outfit the night before, make the bed as soon as I wake up, make a schedule…..
Get it together.

#6 Get a Hobby or Learn Something New

I want to have a new experience or even watch a documentary or listen to a podcast that can teach me a little something something. The older I get the more I want to learn. Sewing is at the top of my list!
Expand your horizons.

#7 Do It Yourself

This piggy backs off #6, I want to do more DIY projects. Both for our home and for the blog. Plus doing things on your own to better yourself and your home can save you money by not splurging on those items you drool over on Pinterest.
Fake it, til you make it.

#8 Create a Work Space

We have a desk in our place, but somehow it ends up being the dumping ground for alot of our stuff. By the time I want to sit down and work it’s too overwhelming, so I end up on the couch. By carving out a “work only” area I can hopefully concentrate a bit better.
No work, no play.

#9 The Blog

I enjoy having this little blog! Yet I haven’t completely learned how to realize it to it’s full potential I was hoping for. I’d like to learn how to monetize it, how to make better content, and how to expose it to a wider audience. Tell me what you really really want.
Gotta water it to grow.

#10 Micro Resolutions

Maybe not all resolutions have to be huge life changes. There can be small 30 day accomplishments, or weekly/monthly goals. You gotta make small milestones before the leaps that will stick out when you look back a year from now.
You do you.

What are some of the objectives you hope to work on this year?


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