Thanksgiving Table Must Haves: Favorites Finds I’m digging to set the Holiday table

Hello Hello Hello, fellow readers!

Everyone around me is in Christmas mode already!! I am still over here like…THANKSGIVING!!!
But seriously, Kevin has been in the Christmas spirit since we walked into Target 2 weeks ago. We went to pick up a tote to pack away our Halloween decor, he got one glance at the holiday section and has been singing Christmas carols ever since. I’m not saying it’s TOO early (it is mid-November after all), but I do find myself in another pickle type situation….

Do you guys remember my Halloween party post a couple weeks ago?? I talked a little bit about how Kevin tells me that I enjoy making myself crazy/stressed by taking on projects…well I have done it again!
I was running on a creative high from planning our Halloween party that in the middle of that chaos, I pitched the idea of me hosting Thanksgiving for my immediate family!!!!
Like I’ve said before, we have a smaller apartment so we don’t usually host big shindigs, let alone a HUGE food and family holiday! (me trying to adult…)

Yet, here I find myself. Thanksgiving ideas, decor, table settings, and recipes consuming my brain.
So here are some of my favorite finds for your Thanksgiving table. These are some simple things that can go a long way in dressing up the dinner table fast!
They also can be used frequently for nice intimate dinners (not only holidays), and they aren’t too expensive or take up too much physical space in your home.


I am loving matte flatware!! This gold set is a matte brushed finish from Target and the black matte set I found on Amazon.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are classy people! They are an easy way to dress up the whole table, plus they come in tons of styles, fabrics, colors, and price ranges! I find myself drawn to french stripe styles. Like these taupe white stripe from Amazon or these white and black stripe from World Market.

Napkin Rings

Want to take your classy cloth napkins to another level? Add some gorgeous napkin rings! I really like these black birdnest wicker type from Target, but I can not keep my eyes off these hammered copper beauties from Wold Market.

Table Runner

I am a big big fan of table runners! They can be a wonderful addition to contrast a white table cloth or even a plain table. I couldn’t narrow this one down to two so you get two gold ones and a neutral. Gold metallic pine needle from World Market, charcoal hemstitch from Amazon, and metallic gold pattern from Target.

White Plates

White plates are classic, elegant, simple, and they make your food the star. I like white plates with a little bit of detailing, these are both from Target because they are reasonably priced and the quality holds up well. First is the scallop edge and second has a subtle beading. You can’t go wrong with a classic white dinner plate!

Plate Chargers

These are a bit of a splurge item, not super necessary, but they really elevate the overall look of your table more than a simple place mat would. Plus, are they not gorgeous?! Holiday eye candy! The wood bark charger is from Walmart, and the rattan is from World Market.

These are the 6 simple items that can make over your table for the Thanksgiving holiday! You don’t have to get super expensive ones, feel free to shop around for something that is more complimentary to your style. I think the overall concept of these pieces can heighten the visual of your table, but more than making it look pretty, it’s about the time that will be spent around the table with family, and friends.

I don’t like driving myself nuts, but I do enjoy having a slight creative project always in hand! I love making people happy 🙂 and seeing them enjoy themselves!
Especially when it’s people I love.

What are a few of your holiday table must haves?


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