Cutting Glass Bottles: Upcycling and Crafts Part 2 Candles

As many of you know I have been prepping for an Arts and Crafts Fair here in Evanston. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this but I wanted to do something creative since I did alot of DIY for my wedding. So I decided to turn beer glass bottles into candles!

If you haven’t, please see Cutting Glass Bottles: Upcycling and Crafts Part 1, for the first round of instructions.

After you got your bottles all cut and sanded, make sure you have wax and wicks plus scents and color (both optional) for the candle making process. I like to get my stuff from Candle Science. I also have a double boilerpouring pitcher, and a kitchen scale.


First things first, you want to cover the surface you will place your bottles on. You WILL spill wax.

Look at those sexy soy wax flakes! I have 1lb of wax weighed out, I usually melt 1lb of wax at a time because rule of thumb is 1oz of scent per 1lb of wax.

The base of my double boiler I fill halfway with water and bring to boil. Turn down heat to a simmer and place top half on top and fill with your 1lb of wax.

I melt 1lb of wax at a time then pour melted wax from double boiler to pouring pitcher. I usually pour 3lbs of wax total into the pouring pitcher.


That’s 3lbs of melted wax in my pouring pitcher. Let sit and cool in pouring pitcher. For 1lb of wax I let it cool for 25min for 3lbs of wax I let it cool for 35min.

It is VERY important to let the wax cool down because it will give you a nice even top when your candles set. If you do not let it cool your candles will look caved in and lumpy.


While your wax is cooling you can set up your bottles to be ready to pour. I put the wicks in each bottle and use chopsticks to hold the wicks up in the center of the bottle. I set all my bottles on the outer edge of my table because it’s impossible to pour wax into a bottle in the middle of the table. You will knock other candle bottles down or knock the chopsticks. It can get crazy so learn from my mistakes. Keep it simple.


After the wax has cooled and you have your bottles set up to pour, this is the time you would add scent to your melted wax. Just add in and give a couple stirs. Remember 1oz of scent per 1lb of wax. Pour melted wax into your bottles slowly. DO NOT fill to the top.


As the bottles on the outer edge set, I move them to the inside of the table and set new bottles to be filled around the edge and I just keep working that method until all my bottles are filled and set. They take a few hours to completely set.


All done! These make great gifts and I am really excited to sell these at the Evanston Custer Street Fair this weekend (June 18/19th). It’s a ton of hard work but I feel accomplished!

Good luck on your candle making ventures!



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