Prepping for an Art Fair

HIYA guys!

I’ve been crazy busy prepping for an Arts and Crafts that’s coming up THIS weekend. I am super excited as this is a new venture for me and I have never been involved in anything like this before. I had to get really crafty for my wedding in October with alot of DIY and I thought it’d be fun to carry that energy over and release some creativity by participating in an Art Fair.

I am making scented candles from upcycled beer bottles! I cut and sanded down each bottle by myself and then add melted scented wax and wicks to make them into candles! I’m also going to have teacup candles and specialty candles from wine, whiskey, etc. bottles.

Here’s a few pics! Don’t forget to look at Facebook (link is in my Follow Me tab) for sneak peeks of what I have in store for the fair!

Using the chopstick method to hold my wicks up as I pour the wax!

Pouring wax slowly and candles beginning to set after a couple hours


Feeling accomplished! Can’t wait for the fair, if you are in Evanston June 18th and 19th, 2016, Please stop by and check out  the Custer Street Fair!



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