Re-configuring our 1 Bedroom Apartment (and life)

Hi guys! Sorry I missed last week’s post. I’ve been working on a few different things coming up for next month and have been a little busy.

So Kevin and I came to realize that moving to a bigger place was NOT going to happen this year. And yea, I’m a bit bummed out about it. We could of moved to a couple bigger places but we truly couldn’t justify going way beyond our set budget just for a slightly bigger space. After putting on my thinking cap, I started to try to visualize how we can maximize and make our current place work for us in the way we need it. Above is a picture of our living room. We have a lot of light that comes in but it makes it really hard to take pictures, sorry. So our goal is to make the TV and movies have a better flow and look like one aspect as opposed to different pockets like we have now.


Behind this gray chair and across from the TV we have this nook where we have more movies. I’m hoping we can bring in our record player unit into this space, and move some of my craft projects out. We also want to get a new couch, maybe a sofa bed to make a more pleasant stay for guests. Maybe throw a new coffee table in there too! That’d be a little further down the road though.

There is also the matter of the dining room. Right now it’s kinda all over the place but we want to create little areas. A good office/library area all on one side and a crafting projects area on the other side is the goal.

It was good for Kevin and I to just talk about not only what we wanted out of our space, but also what would be more beneficial for us. Overall we decided to work on this space and save the money that would of been going to a bigger place. Just figuring out what we want together down the line also helped us figure out how to make a great space for now. Gotta work with what you got, but you also have to love the space you’re in. And that’s what we’re working towards this summer. Goals to really just make the home we have now more functional for us! Wish us luck, hopefully I’ll be sharing an updated post with all the changes we’ve made soon!


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