To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the question

I’m back!

Hiya wonderful readers I’ve missed so much!!!
I know it has been 2 whole months since my last blog post. I wanted a new look for Reluctantly Adulting and it took a while to get all the kinks worked out. I had to go back and reconfigure post layouts, it ended up being a longer more drawn out process than I anticipated. On top of that I got SUUUPER sick for a couple weeks and I’m still bouncing back.

Isn’t that how life goes?

During my slight blogging hiatus I started to reconsider if I even wanted to continue blogging. It can get a little draining when you work hard and take time on a post and you think it’s gonna resonate with people and then it doesn’t….

I want this blog to be so many things but I have some obstacles and I’m not 100% sure it can get to where I want it to be. So if I don’t think it can reach the full potential I have for it, should I continue?

I decided that I will keep trying! I want to do it for you guys, put better content out there, but I want to do it for me too! Maybe it isn’t exactly how I want it to be now, but I can keep improving and chipping away little by little to fulfill my vision.

I am always looking for suggestions, ideas, topics, that YOU would like to see and read about!

I hope you guys are digging the new look! I will keep on, keeping on!


*p.s. New posts will be up weekly on Wednesdays

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