Holiday Cheer: Home Christmas Decor

Heeey guuuuys!

December is here! Although holiday stuff has been out since October, I am finally in the spirit of this magical time of the year! Kevin has been in the spirit since Halloween, as I mentioned a few posts back, and now that I’m in the spirit too, we have been those ultra annoying people 😀

As many of you know, our home has been shifting and growing into a more adult home (I think?! Or at least I’m pretending it is!) over the last year. I don’t know if it’s because we got married or we’re just getting older and our views have changed, but both Kevin and I have had great ideas for improving our space! It’s crazy because we’ve lived together for almost 6 years! Maybe we want our little apartment to feel more grown up, more cozy, more us, and not just like a temporary place. Therefore we decided to amp up our Christmas decorations this holiday season!

And we may or may not have gone a little overboard…. (you know me).

We went a little bananas at Target (literally just assume everything in this post came from Target, but feel free to ask for specifics in the comments)

 I warned you.

Before we get into how we decorated, let me show you our previous set up.

Now, I would like to say that we have always had a live tree, even if it has been of the tabletop variety. So we have just kept it very quiet and minimal in the past, but all that changed with one idea. We decided to get a full sized tree! We even strapped the 6ft Douglas Fir to the top of the car, and that was the catapult!


Our though process was “if we’re gonna get a big tree, might as well decorate a little bit”. We thought we’d get basic ornaments (since we do have special ones we’ve received and collected over the years), a tree skirt, tree stand, star topper, and a couple decorative items.

Well….we ended up with this!


Our own magical wonderland!

 Look at our BIG full tree! And we put some garland with intertwined lights around our windows, our wreath is even in the same spot!

We also added pre-lit garland to our shelving units on either side of the tv. Plus some fun decor on top!

Here’s a close up, I figured out that an easy way to make holiday decor is putting ornaments in fun containers like this ceramic red pie holder or that acrylic apothecary jar even the glass bowl on the coffee table! Making items look like tiny themed collections is an easy decor trick for any season!

Here’s a few more close up’s:

Our ornament wreath with some construction paper cut out lights I made a few years ago. And these 3 fun fellows we picked up this year with a pinecone ornament and some faux holly. These guys are our favorite new addition because they remind us of Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill from King of the Hill! We’ll find a Hank to add someday.


On the opposite side of the room, across our windows is a closet. This is where we hung a Merry Christmas banner and our stockings! Note the cluster of ornaments to the left of the banner and the string of small ornaments hung across the top of the doorway.


Monogram stockings for Kevin and me, and a little stocking for Lafayette (puppy dog) with a hanging wooden L.

Last year to the left of our closet we hung an old table runner with foam Merry Christmas letters on it, this is where we pin up our holiday cards. This year we took a frame and dressed it up with…you guessed it! ornaments! We haven’t received any cards yet but we are ready!

The Christmas spirit even creeped into our dining room a little bit!

We are feeling super festive now!! This holiday season has already taken us by surprise, we didn’t know we were going to get SO into it, but now we can’t wait!

How are you dressing up your home for the holidays? I’d love to know!



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