Plant Life: a miniscule step into bring greenery into our lives

Our apartment has been missing a little nature this winter. Okay, all winters since we’ve moved in….almost 3 years ago. So thanks to my neighbors Chris and An and also my friends Chris and Kate, they have inspired me to bring plants into our home.

Now, I have never been able to keep anything alive. I tend to forget about them….but dammit if they don’t brighten up the place so I will really try this time. So I looked up plants that are impossible to kill, but…..there were not to many options in this season at our local Home Depot for plants. I ended up buying some succulents (they’re all the rage) and some plants just labeled as Foliage with a “Bright Light” plant tag in them, really hoping they work out. The husband knows I kill everything so we’ll see how these survive before I invest in some more!

I also ended up buying some fun bowl’s at The Red Dot Boutique (AKA Target). And a bamboo shelf rack from Amazon (3 tier bamboo rack shelf).

I really should have bought extra soil…..but next time. Essentially I lined the bottom of each bowl with some decorative rocks, broke up the soil and inserted the plant, watered then topped with more rocks.

20160212_152726-1Here they are!

I even got to use a recycled soup can for one, to add a different element. Hopefully I can keep them alive and get more soon. I started small, if you want to add a bit or nature to your home have fun with it!

Love & Luck,


3 thoughts on “Plant Life: a miniscule step into bring greenery into our lives

  1. Maria Martinez says:

    The plants look amazing!!! Love the bowls and the shelf!! You did an awesome job putting them together!! I really hope you can keep your plants alive for a very long time. The only advice I can give you is that you might end up switching the plants to a bigger flowerpot. Most plants grow with time so expect to see growth. Good luck!!


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